About Us

Hi, we’re Stenny and Asha. We met in 2010, outside the airport in Los Angeles, when Stenny was en route to visit his daughter Emilie. Asha was on the same plane ( we did not know that at the time) from London and she was going to spend time with family in California.

Stenny was a skilled butcher by trade and loves cooking for friends and family. After spending many years in the corporate world, he craved a change in lifestyle and so trained to become an Electrician and since moving to the UK in 2012 has added being a builder to his portfolio.

Asha currently works as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine. She is from Trinidad and Tobago (her ancestors are from India) and moved to the UK in 2001. She loves cooking, loves being with friends and family and is always conscious of enhancing her spiritual practice.

Together we are global citizens, with a passion for conscious living and a desire to leave this world in a better place than we found it.

Our website is a journey into our lives, primarily vegan living, food, travels, family, our jobs and our projects.